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Providing preventive veterinary care for your pet (vaccinations, exams, and tests) helps ensure they live a healthier and happier life. With PetIQ SmartCare Wellness Plan, not only do you save money on routine petcare, but with unlimited vet visits, you can greatly increase the chances of finding any potential health problems earlier for better outcomes plus lower costs to you.

To get started:
  • Review the wellness plans listed below
  • Select the plan that is right for your pet(s)
  • Visit your local PetIQ Wellness Center; VIP Petcare, VetIQ or PetVet
  • Sign up and start saving
It's the easy, convenient and affordable plan that works for you and your pet.

  • "Member Sign In" section below is where you enter in your username and password to login.
  • Your clients are logging in from the same website - but their username and password take them do their personal wellness plan pet portal.
  • The Wellness Status App button allows you to open the quick google search to check pet status, view the travel sheet and see if they are in good standing (Billing).
  • Copy on the "Live" site in this section is to welcome those pet owners on a plan to sign in to their pet portal.
  • If they already have a pet on a plan and want to pre-enroll an additional pet, they will need log in here first - this is called out in the copy. This allows the pets to be linked as a family.
  • These plans are for demo only and ARE NOT DESIGNED to a specific hospital and Pricing.
  • Copy on the "Live" site in this section is to welcomes potential new members providing a quick overview of why preventive care is important.
  • The visitor can click and view the different plan types and see the specific information and price for that plan.
  • The copy and pricing of the plans are tied to the system, so changes made in the system are automatically reflected here.
  • When a pet owner completes a pre-enrollment, the practice is alerted by email and the pre-enrollment shows up on the home screen showing you have an online application.
  • Please contact your wellness coach if you have any questions.